Breathtaking vistas, charm and heritage, verdant meadows all around, and… an almost unbelievably advantageous price! Many of the Italian properties that attract foreigners are alluring period buildings for sale at a very cost-effective price because they are in need of restoration, renovation or partial re-building.

The wording that defines these properties on real estate websites is da restaurare, i.e. to be restored, or da ristrutturare, to be renovated, or then again restaurato or rinnovato parzialmente, which generally means that part of the asset has been rebuilt or somewhat renovated, but there is still plenty to do.

Yet, there is nothing so wonderful as buying a charming stone-walled period property in the Italian countryside, and restoring it to fit one needs and dreams, right? Exactly! 

Get your Fiscal Code

Provided one has experienced and trustworthy local professional architects, surveyors, builders and legal consultants to count on. Yes, because Italian legislation in construction matters is both somewhat cryptic to understand, and comply with, and very strict: proprietors who carry out renovation work without the needed authorizations and do not conform with existing rules are subject to criminal prosecution.

Plus, having reliable local experts by your side ensures the job is done properly – hence safely – and in a timely fashion.  Contact us! Our team of proficient real estate developers, surveyors, architects, engineers, and lawyers with long-practiced experience in property renovation, provides comprehensive wide-ranging English-speaking assistance in all that concerns fruitfully restoring your dream property in Italy.  Committed to your success, we facilitate bureaucratic proceedings, help you find specialized builders and decorators, and guarantee steady progress of your renovation.  The added perk? Expert in contemporary technology, savvy about local legislation and committed to saving your time and money, we provide leading-edge software that allows you to personally “design” your future home, and innovative solutions to minimize the costs of your utilities.

If you are just getting information and have not yet purchased a home in Italy, you may need to know that you require a tax ID number to buy property in Italy.
Read what a Codice Fiscale is and why you may need one here.

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