Property finding in Italy

Property finding in Italy

Looking for a change of scenery, atmosphere and lifestyle? Nowhere like Italy to rewind and re-energize! Whether you’re thinking about relocating or just looking for a vacation home to escape to for some dolce vita the first thing you need to do is find a property that meets your needs. Buying real estate is always a weighty decision, and going for a foreign country all the more so. In Italy, as elsewhere, the real estate market offers a great deal of different options. Just think: in a small region like Tuscany you can choose a smart downtown apartment in Renaissance Florence, a farmhouse in the hillside, a house by the sea or in the mountains! But the diversity of options can be confusing, especially for a prospective foreign buyer who lives abroad and is unfamiliar with local legislation and bureaucracy.

Where to start looking for your dream Italian house? Who to trust for advice? How to get around the language barrier?

A first, quite obvious, solution is surfing the internet. The current Italian real estate market scenario actually offers a few very helpful websites especially directed to those looking for real estate assets on sale.

Providing far-reaching databases, user-friendly search options and an extensive choice of homes for rent and purchase, these platforms can be useful to get an overview of the market. In fact, even from abroad one can gain local insight, compare different properties in the same area or different locations one with the other. Search options typically will ask you to narrow down your choice by picking your preferred area or city, kind of property, size, number of rooms etc… sometimes they will include desired facilities, and amenities too.

The most commonly used, and trustworthy, Italian websites providing this service are,,,

Prospective purchasers that already have a definite idea of their preferences can start by checking out the more closely targeted platforms, those that focus on a single region, specific kind of property, and similar. Foreigners seeking good short term rental options can visit Airbnb, and students as well as entrepreneurs will certainly profit by suggestions and special interest advice, as well as a vast selection of apartments, on StudentsVille.

But the most time-effective, straightforward, and reliable way to find and select a property in Italy, and then checking all its documents and features are in order, is counting on the help of expert professionals on site.
Proficient in our fields of business, deeply rooted in the local community and extensively knowledgeable about the property market we offer dependable advice and comprehensive services in all that concerns finding a property in Italy.

Seafront havens, mountain chalets, countryside manors and rockin’ city center apartments.
Student homes, Tuscan villas and luxury mansions…whatever your dream Italian home looks like we either have it in our portfolio or we’ll be sure to find it for you!

Perfectly English-speaking, committed and dependable, our team includes real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects and surveyors with long-standing expertise in the Italian real estate market, buying and restoring legislation and state and municipal bureaucracy. Long-practiced insight and a vast network of personal and professional contacts allow us to help foreign clients in their research, and find the right property.
Once the property is selected we ensure all is in order by inspecting the property’s documents, translating them when needed. We can carry out technical surveys of the vendor’s solvency, verify property rights, organize visits, provide property evaluation and summarize our findings in a technical and due diligence report. Finally, we can draft offers and contracts, finalize deeds, and assist our clients as needed, guaranteeing 100% successful deals and overall satisfaction.

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