Finding a notary in Italy

Finding a notary in Italy

A key figure implied in real estate transactions in Italy is the notary, notaio. The notary is a public officer appointed by the government whose job is to witness and oversee the signing of documents, to render them legally valid and binding, and certify documents when needed as provided for by law.

Notaries appointed in Italy are distributed over 91 districts, and Italian law maintains that the jurisdictional reach of each of these district correspond to the corresponding court’s jurisdiction. Scarcely populated districts, where there are no more than fifteen notaries operating, are usually combined with neighboring districts and thus form a single Notary Council.

Having a proficient, reliable notary to handle a deal and ensure compliance with due legal prerequisites is often a crucial aspect to a successful and fruitful transaction. In fact, the notary verification as required by law is a guarantee that both parties’ interests are borne in mind and equally safeguarded.

As concerns property-related transactions, the notary’s responsibility is to ensure that the agreement, and all documents presented, are compliant with current law and that both parties fully realize the legal consequences of their actions. Hence, a notary provides both parties with dependable supervision, guaranteeing the deal is finalized properly and legally.  Having a skilled, expert notary by one side allows for smooth proceedings as concerns bureaucratic issues implied.  Today’s extensive online databases provide helpful support in finding a notary in the needed area.

The official website of Italy’s National Council of Notaries, Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato, provides a useful tool in its “Find a notary” section. The national register of notaries was established by Art. 3 of Decree No.137 issued on August 7, 2012 by the President of the Italian Republic. Comprising details on the disciplinary measures adopted against each notary, the said registry allows prospective clients to effectively research a specific notary’s professional history prior to choosing who to cooperate with, enabling them to select the person they repute fit to assist them with a clear vision.

The Find a Notary section’s search engine is definitely user-friendly: a click on the “Select region or province” button enables prospective clients to select the geographical area of interest, and then narrow the choice down further, to indicate a specific location. Once one has chosen a notary, the website provides complete information on the professional’s address, telephone number, e-mail address, and website, when available, as well as full details on the selected notary’s background.

European Directory of Notaries

The European Directory of Notaries is another well-organized notary database created thanks to a special fund issued by the European Union’s program for Justice. The website provides an easy-to-use tool to source a notary in Italy, and, compared to ot offers foreign buyers an extra, and often very welcome, bonus: selecting a notary that speaks one’s preferred language. Designed to allow prospective clients to commence their search for a notary by selecting the desired location, the directory provides detailed information on the languages spoken by the different professionals, allowing one to choose a notary fluent in French or English, for instance, ensuring flawless communication and avoiding extra expenses for an interpreter. 

Yet, reputation and professionalism can hardly be summarized and well expressed via a website… while a specialized on site consultant with an extensive network of professional contacts in sure to assist and advise you, helping a foreign buyer source the most proficient and skilled notary.

It’s all about knowing the right people in the right place, and our experienced English-speaking consultants certainly do. Thanks to our preferential relationships with a wide range of professionals, we ensure speedy proceedings by facilitating sourcing of a trustworthy notary, and share our insight on specific professionals’ history and proficiency. Dedicated to our clients’ success and satisfaction, we also provide translations, if and when needed, and comprehensive advice on all legal documents implied.

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