Purchase and sale

Purchase and sale

Deciding to invest in real estate in Italy, or resolving to sell one’s property, is an important step that needs to be considered carefully, and carried out effectively and flawlessly. 

Yet, the variety of assets available for sale, the language barrier, and the complexity of Italian legislation can make it difficult for a foreign investor. Having a trustworthy team of proficient English-speaking local advisors is vital to a successful real estate transaction. 

Familiar with the local market trends, and knowledgeable about standing rules, our real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects and surveyors share their insight, guiding foreign investors efficiently through all proceedings.

In addition to the objective difficulties that can arise in buying and selling a property, there is also the Italian bureaucracy. The documentation required to buy property changes from country to country. One of the basic documents is the Codice Fiscale. Find out why you need an Italian Fiscal Code and how to have it following this link.

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