Real estate business management in Italy

Real estate business management in Italy

Charming, strategically located, and postcard-perfect. You finally managed to find, and buy, the ideal house in Italy, and are ready to reap the benefits of your investment by renting it. Fabulous! 

Now all you need to do is equip it, advertise it, source suitable (and dependable) tenants. Taking care of maintenance, utilities and your tenants’ issues will then come soon enough.

Not so fabulous, right?

As excited and confident as one may be, renting property is definitely not an effortless task. The issues and chores one ends up having to handle, and the duties one is in charge of, are diverse, time-consuming and often, alas, quite annoying and tiresome. Plus, a landlord is not allowed holidays: the heating can break down on Christmas Eve, the air con on a Sunday, and tenants that throw crazy parties are very likely do so on Saturday night…

Examples are countless, and listing a few is enough to dishearten the most selfless and eager owners. Yet, purchasing property to rent it out is, indeed, a very good investment. The troublesome part is handling the lease, because, in the end, it’s very much like a real job.

The solution? Have a specialized pro do it for you, and all you will have to deal with is enjoying the profit! Handing the management of your leases to a firm specialized in real estate business management allows you to make the most of your asset saving yourself a lot of daily humdrum (and several headaches too).

Our dedicated crew of real estate managers, constructors, accountants, technicians, architects and lawyers, i.e. a variety of diversely qualified professionals proficient in all matters implied in property rentals. Perfectly English-speaking, and fluent in several other languages, our staff provides landlords with effective management of their rental property, savvy far-reaching consultancy services and comprehensive assistance.

Our assets? Extensive experience, proficient techniques, unceasing training on laws and regulations and ingenious leading-edge IT tools. A bespoke approach, adroitness and vision do the rest: we listen to our clients, understand their needs and offer customized solutions. With tenants, we discreetly and tactfully handle issues which may occur, and deal with each and every maintenance hassle on your behalf, ensuring your property is safe and well-kept, and tenants are both happy and…well-behaved!

Also, when and if our clients need assistance to find tenants, or to issue, draft or revise existing contracts, or, then again, for tax advice, fulfillment of tax obligations and administrative matters such as equalization of condominium expenses our experts, accountants and lawyers take care of these aspects too, providing our clients with full support and undivided attention at all times.

Trustworthy and dependable, we are at your service, in full compliance with Italian law and regulations, operating honestly, and safeguarding your interests in accordance. 

Let us take the load off your back, we’ll coordinate and manage all you need us to keeping you fully informed, handle the tiresome burdens on your behalf and ensure you fully enjoy being a landlord!

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