Italy’s glorious scenery, world-acclaimed art and fascinating cultural legacy attract many foreigners on the lookout for a good real estate investment.  Some aim to have an abode of their own to use for holidays, or to rent out, while entrepreneurs choose Italy to invest in commercial properties. 

Whatever one’s aim, turning a real asset into a profitable business venture can be hard. Especially for a non-resident foreign national: the language barrier and distance make commitment and logistics complex and time-consuming, and Italian legislation can appear baffling, at the very least.

Yet, savvy investors never give up. Because they know that going for Italian real estate is bound to be wonderfully rewarding, provided one can rely on expert, honest and dependable local professionals for assistance in dealing with the fine print, insight and timely advice.

Perfectly English-speaking, skilled and committed to our clients’ satisfaction, our team of real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors, hotel managers and designers provides foreign buyers with comprehensive support and all-round services tailored to each one of their most diverse needs.

Expert in all that concerns rental properties – from promotion, to law, administration and bureaucracy – and in all aspects of commercial enterprises – from the set-up and launching, onto management, including appraisal, legal advice and tax assistance – our crew of experts takes care of all issues involved in managing your Italian property or hospitality business. 

Our mission? Your success.

Property management and virtual management

Period villas amidst flower-filled meadows and vineyards, golden farmhouses among the vineyards, refined apartments in historic buildings, hip town houses… there’s no end to the amazing, and diverse, properties one can find in Italy. And there’s no end to how profitable they can turn out to be. Yes, aside from their charm and the countless attractions they are surrounded by, real estate assets in Italy provide their owners with an exceptional bonus: they always pay dividends!

Real estate business management in Italy

Charming, strategically located, and postcard-perfect. You finally managed to find, and buy, the ideal house in Italy, and are ready to reap the benefits of your investment by renting it. Fabulous! Now all you need to do is equip it, advertise it, source suitable (and dependable) tenants. Taking care of maintenance, utilities and your tenants’ issues will then come soon enough.

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