About us

About us

Who we are

An effective team of accomplished professionals with long-practiced experience in all that concerns residential and commercial property purchase, restoration and refurbishment, fiscal consultancy and management, supported by a wide network of committed partners. 

Comprising lawyers specialized in property ruling, fiscal advisors and accountants, experts in real estate – including agents and developers – as well as surveyors, architects, engineers and property managers, our multilingual crew provides foreign buyers, investors and companies, with far-reaching assistance and comprehensive support in all types of real estate ventures, transactions, renovations and investments.

What we can do for you

Expedite your quest for the perfect Italian property to buy, or help you sell the asset you own. Assist you with all legal and administrative proceedings required to negotiate and close a deal, comprising, but not limited to, legal and technical due diligence drafting and drawing up of contracts. Provide reliable advice on taxation schemes, and prepare tax estimates and business plans. 

Deal with all the due paperwork and bureaucratic requirements, quickly, flawlessly and in full compliance with standing Italian law. Carry out technical property surveys, and provide all-round services as relates to real estate restoration, rebuilding, furnishing and interior design, including the obtaining of permits. Offer advice and insight on company incorporation in Italy, and proficient management of hospitality businesses.

Our Team

Vincenzo Maria Tanzj

Real estate agent

Eleonora Di Mattia

Property manager

Barbara Giabbani


Dario VIola

Business developer

Why choose Apartments in Florence

Because we’re competent, trustworthy, and responsive, fluent in English and a variety of other languages, and committed to our clients’ happiness and success. Because we listen to your needs and requirements and then provide prompt bespoke advice, and effective timely assistance. Moreover, long-standing experience in the real estate market, and an extensive network of excellent personal and professional contacts enables us to provide unrivalled insight and efficient handling of matters in Italy’s courthouses, revenue agencies and administrative offices. 

Because we know what we’re doing, and we always deliver.


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